Educational Precinct

This educational precinct, located on the same 138 acres, is made up of 5 distinct organisational units:

  • Hillcrest Christian College – an ELC to Year 12, Co-Educational College following the Australian Curriculum. A broad specialist subject program is available to all students attending Hillcrest.

  • Rivercrest Christian College – currently ELC to Year 5 at the Primary Campus, and Year 6 (MYP1) at the Middle Years Campus. Rivercrest has a triune focus on Global, Environmental and IT education. The plan is for Rivercrest to progressively grow to an ELC – Year 12 Campus over the next decade.
  • Ayr Hill Equestrian Centre – provides students in Year 5 to VCE with Equine studies, as well as Vocational Certificate level qualifications.
  • CREST Environmental Centre – 25 acres of natural reserve, including waterways, 19,000 native trees, bird hides and a specialist Science Centre.
  • Corporate Services – including all Finance, IT, HR, OH&S, Marketing, Grounds and Building Services for the CREST precinct.

Together they make up CREST Education -Centres for Research, Education Service and Technology.

Crest Board

The Crest Board is a volunteer-based group of exceptional individuals involved in a wide range of fields. Hillcrest was founded in 1981 as an Incorporated Association. At the 2013 AGM, the College migrated to a Company Limited by Guarantee. Though the company adopted a new name, CREST Education, it has retained the same Christian mission and vision. Rivercrest falls under the governance of the Crest Board.

The Board plays an active role to ensure the College stays true to its mission and strategic direction so it can prosper for future generations. This includes sound fiscal management and governance across all critical success factors as outlined in the College’s Mission and Strategic Plan, maintaining an active building and infrastructure development program, and ensuring the College’s performance meets educational and business standards as a market leader in Christian education.

Crest Board of Directors



Melinda Izvekov

Board Chair

Natalie Graham

Board Vice-Chair

Amelia Munso


Mathew Daniels

Board Director

Paul Wiggins

Board Director

Daniel Fokkens

Board Director


  • Finance:  Natalie Graham, Amelia Munso, Marilyn Alexander, Michael Saba, Dion Harvey & Brendan Kelly
  • Risk:  Melinda Izvekov, Dawn Teo, Karen McKenzie, Joanne Ball, Dion Harvey & Brendan Kelly
  • Rem:  Mathew Daniels, Joanne Ball, Dion Harvey & Brendan Kelly
  • Governance:  Mathew Daniels, Dion Harvey & Brendan Kelly
  • Equestrian:  Melinda Izvekov, Amelia Munso, Dion Harvey & Brendan Kelly

Strength and Service