Welcome to Rivercrest

Rivercrest encourages its students to view themselves as global citizens. Beyond acquiring knowledge, they are urged to recognise their role and responsibility in fostering greater harmony among people worldwide. The aim is to cultivate respect, compassion, creativity, and critical thinking. While students are prepared to challenge prevailing ideas, they are also encouraged to be sensitive and reflective.

Rivercrest adopts an inquiry-based learning approach within the framework of a Christian worldview. By implementing the International Baccalaureate programme at Rivercrest, we present a globally recognised learning framework that equips students for the future with assurance.

At CREST, we believe that each child possesses inherent potential, a gift from God that excites educators. Our adept and compassionate teachers work diligently to steer students toward the realization of their aspirations.

Throughout their time at Rivercrest, students are tasked with the challenge of evolving into global citizens who embody Christ’s directive to love and serve others. The Primary Campus accommodates students from 3 years of age (in the Early Learning Centre) to Year 5. The Middle Years Campus includes classes from Year 6 m-10, with the Senior Learning Centre commencing in 2024.

I extend an invitation for you to consider our College as one that will address the needs of your child, both in the present and for the future.


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